Business Segments

Matthews International Corporation is comprised of three business segments: SGK® Brand Solutions, Memorialization and Industrial Technologies.



  • Matthews Aurora™ Funeral Solutions
  • Matthews Cemetery Products
  • Matthews Architectural Products
  • Matthews Environmental Solutions
    • Cremation Operations
    • Waste Incineration Systems

Matthews has been a leader in the memorialization industry for more than a century and a half. We serve cemeteries and funeral homes with a full range of products and services. Like all other businesses, our Memorialization workforce takes great pride servicing our customers with unrivaled excellence and superior craftsmanship.

Matthews Aurora Funeral Solutions is a leading manufacturer and distributor of caskets and other funeral home products in North America, producing a wide variety of wood, metal and cremation caskets. We sell exclusively through authorized distributors, primarily funeral homes.

Matthews Cemetery Products manufactures and markets products in North America, Europe and Australia used primarily in the cemetery industry. We sell exclusively through authorized distributors, including cemeteries, funeral homes and mortuaries, crematories and monument companies.

Matthews Architectural Products is recognized throughout the world as the leader in high quality custom metal products, including cast plaques, etchings, metal letters and specialty products.

Our products are in the Halls of Fame, government buildings, home and offices around the world. We are committed to quality, heritage and craftsmanship, helping to communicate, commemorate and celebrate.

Matthews Environmental Solutions is a worldwide leader in the design and manufacture of technologically advanced crematoria equipment, as well as cremation-related products and services.

It is a total solutions provider for combustion products and services with a passion for the environment and success for our clients. We are a global leader in cremation equipment, waste incinerator systems, environmental solutions, service, parts, supplies, crematory management and memorial products with a passion for innovation and commitment to finding new solutions for a varied customer base.

SGK Brand Solutions

SGK Brand Solutions

  • Brand Development
  • Brand Deployment
  • Surfaces

SGK is a global brand development and deployment provider that helps companies drive brand performance by improving topline growth and bottom-line efficiency.

Brand Development focuses on improving top-line growth for brand owners. Anthem®, BrandimageTM, IDL® and Equator® Design provide specialized branding and design services that connect consumers with brands. Many of the world's most loved and iconic brands rely on our Brand Development agencies to help grow their business.

Brand Deployment focuses on improving bottom-line efficiency for brand owners and commercial printers. Schawk® and Saueressig® provide innovative graphics services across media channels, while our Surfaces division - operating under Saueressig - supports customers through-out the entire prepress stage. Together, these industry leaders have 200+ years of experience, delivering standard-setting quality, a rich history of innovation and deep insights into complex technical issues and processes. Many of the world's largest global organizations and commercial printers trust Schawk and Saueressig to consistently deliver outstanding graphics services quality worldwide

Industrial Technologies

Industrial Technologies

  • Product Identification
  • Warehouse Automation
  • Applied Technologies

Matthews Industrial Automation designs, manufactures and distributes a wide range of technologies and solutions for industrial automation applications including marking and coding, and warehouse automation. Our integrated systems identify, track, control and pick products at the highest levels of accuracy.

Our Product Identification brands provide marking and coding solutions, including a full line of printing technologies, consumables and software, to meet branding, traceability and regulatory compliance needs for industrial and consumer products.

Our Warehouse Automation group, Matthews Automation Solutions, delivers advanced soft-ware and control solutions that improve efficiency in the physical processing of orders for retail and ecommerce distribution centers. Matthew Automation Solutions' portfolio includes solutions for high-performance order picking, assembly and sortation, as well as warehouse control and execution systems to maximize material flow and order fulfillment throughput.

Our Applied Technologies group designs and manufactures an array of technologies that advance the productivity of specific industrial applications including fluid deposition, optical character recognition, embedded controls and autonomous navigation.