Inspiring Values That Unlock Creativity & Opportunity

At Matthews International, we believe in a world of inspired possibilities. When we are inspired to create, innovate, and continually re-evaluate, we reach new ways to experience what’s possible.

We respect our reputation and our legacy—and continue to build a center of excellence where all employees have a voice, are held accountable and are encouraged to create opportunity and success every day.

Our Company Mission

We strive to continually expand, encourage and inspire greater opportunities for growth—for ourselves, our clients and the communities we live in.

We achieve collective success by:

  • Focusing on growth in our core businesses
  • Reinvesting in our diversified portfolio
  • Creating shareholder value

Who We Are & How We Inspire

We are a unique community—diverse in our talent, but unified in our drive to create together, face challenges together and grow together. Our values push us to empower, propel and inspire new ways of turning possibilities into realities. Our competencies define the behaviors that guide who we are, how we are inspired and how we inspire others to succeed.

Cultivating a Culture of Inspired Possibilities

Inspired Possibilities are not just two words… It’s a new way to work and think as individuals—what we aspire to be as employees and leaders—that will encourage each of us to imagine the possibilities to change things for the better; for ourselves, our clients and one another. This is who we are—deeply rooted in our history is a legacy for being inspired to think differently about how things should be and what we can do…

Committed to a Culture of Diversity and Inclusion

At Matthews International, we see diversity and inclusion (D&I) as a priority to be considered in every aspect of our business. United by our drive to create together, strive together and grow together, we are committed to continue to cultivate a culture of boundless possibilities for everyone.

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Starting Today, Turn Possibilities Into Realities.

At Matthews International, we care deeply about what we do each day—because when we’re inspired, we can inspire others. We can make a difference that goes beyond expectations—for our clients, our community and our company.

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